The Break Down: Today's Facebook Trending Topics 3.29.2017

That name sounds more like someone who would go away for “tax evasion.”

…with the approximately 300 million Americans who couldn’t care less about it.

Knowing this makes me blame the owner and not the dog.

…a viral story written about something that will never be built.

—and will literally never be built. Stop it.

Media: “Europe is being Islamicized, but the real story is an asteroid spinning backward a quadrillion miles away.”

I support this, by which I mean convincing more people it’s time to deport these people.

Cool! I didn’t know she was a receptionist, too!

…of perpetually aggrieved special interest groups receiving disproportionate attention.

—to be seen by the seven people who use Periscope.

…sign deal with DreamWorks to direct Boss Baby 2.

…InstaBurst-Into-Flame feature.

Oh good, maybe they afford can buy it back.

This is of course referring to The King’s Speech beating The Social Network for Best Picture.

Sandusky or Jared from Subway joke? Your pick, folks.

Oh, they’ll be sweating when the InstaBurst-Into-Flame feature activates!

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