The Break Down: Today's Facebook Trending Topics

Their robot cashiers still have some able-bodied humans to kill off.

Yeah, they haven’t been able to replace every human they’d have to pay with a robot.

“Nya nya nya nya nya you’re not an iPhone.”

If she’s really fearless let her try that crap in Harlem.

First appointee is Patrick Bateman.

Oh dear God just say you’re upgrading iTunes for the tenth time this week.

This is weird Jamaican slang for “quit pot”

Be gone, antiquated prohibitions on motor oil in drinking water!

*beer commercial voice* Whatsaaaaaap oh sorry I should be serious we’re talking about terrorism.

Stuffed with heroin and hidden in a teddy bear.

And already has E. coli.

You mean to say Russia DIDN’T respond to our strongly worded emails?!

I wish “religious left” mean the exit of the religious from both parties.

Hey, seriously: it’s Germany’s turn.

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