The Break Down: Today's Facebook Trending Topics 4.03.2017

How many feels? All of the feels? Also, do you think country music fans talk like this?

Because if you’re really good at it you can use someone else’s.

Hey, the charity needed some way to absorb overhead.

Girls starts.

Reading that headline makes me picture a judge wearing a garish sweater over his robe.

Yeah, it’s “Eric.” You’d think it would be some like Andanamax or Morcan-7.

—to sign up for another credit card to pay off the old one.

And Tiffany Trump is traveling with Chief Keef in Chiraq.

Soundly defeating his opponent, fiscal conservative Adamsmith Lopez.

And as “applicant for chapter 11 protection” soon after that.

Was it a conga line? Or like a nose candy line?

Bold choice for chairman of the physics department.

Egyptians want more of both.

…their wildly biased liberal news algorithms.

Which sounds very, very, very defensive.

And for the tenth time since 2007, “Juno” won Best Picture.

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