The Break Down: Today's Facebook Trending Topics 4.05.2017

And the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus is elucidating her.

This makes me SICK. Now my black market rhino horns won’t be worth as much.

EU politicians tell Farage: “It would be a shame if anything bad happened to you.”

And liars will get refunds for Amazon purchases their “kids” made.

“…my mom, who finally passed away at the age of 108.”

Dude, that’s way too much. You were bidding against bots.

It was a genius teenager behind “check the security cameras.”

Don’t tell me how it ends!

That never happened, You’ve been gaslighted by Nickelodeon.

Is there a Tonya Harding of golf?

The really sad part is that Shia had to buy a ticket to see his own movie.

Like when he said he was easily going to beat Hillary Clinton!

That’s sad, seeing strong black women tear each other down.

…to diversify with Muslim Squirrel Girl.

This will end up being YouTube for ISIS, I promise you.

Get excited, Transparent fans!

He already has.

Yeah, but it was on the quality and finesse of the sexual harassment.

GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO try to find ten people who care.


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