The Break Down: Today's Facebook Trending Topics 4.10.2017

…zero male viewers in debut episode.

Good, they got someone impartial to investigate.

I needed to know that like I need a hole in my body.

You have to understand, it was packaged as “Live Bat Salad.”

They mean high on LSD and molly, of course.

Awesome! Ford’s designing a car that’ll let you outrun cops in high-speed pursuits!

So now it’s only available on Tidal and every illegal mp3 trading service known to man.

Yet amazingly, no American liberals insist that Israel have open borders.

A total bargain if you can afford the four quadrillion dollars to live in NYC.

Since they’re experts in handling dirty laundry.

Bob Dylan won again, but for Physics this time.

And definitely if you sit on it.

And they’re teardrops. Damn, what happened on that set?

…laptop, where he was trying to post a Yelp! review of United Airlines after watching a guy dragged off a plane while shrieking.

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