The Break Down: Today's Facebook Trending Topics…Broken

In 2001. Get your money back, Ben.

…heterosexual wedding. So you can see why he tried to hide it from his fans.

…promising to use a more thorough checklist next time.

It makes sense they’re putting a warning on the weed killer AND judge since they’re both capable of ending your life.

Then Google Doodle has been around for MUCH longer than I thought.

By the way, “legal action” means banging her lawyer.

$400 million? They must really want a two-bedroom apartment in that tower.

Rachel Maddow handing him a second term.


Actually, several, after iOS 10.3 demands an exclusive romantic relationship.

They decided to cast a Ragnarokian actress.

If she makes more on the series than she spent on Scientology, can’t Scientology take credit for that?

…DNA analyst was asking too many questions.

OK, but please don’t touch the second and third ones? They’re perfect.

It’s called a drive-thru.

…ex-boyfriend sure is sorry now!



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