The Break Down: Today's Facebook Trending Topics

He actually said “How did the oncologist ask his female drug dealer for $20 worth of pot? ‘Ma’am, a gram.'”

“…are overrated.” WTF, OKLAHOMA LAWMAKER?!

The class is called Binary Code Switching.

Well, obviously they already know all the answers to your security questions.

For people who want their Fleshlight to feel good, not just feel good.

“…of normalcy.”

You can remove “election of” to get Rick’s dream headline here.

The surprise was that it was in lieu of a scheduled chemotherapy session.

They ask “Have you had a smartphone in your pocket for ten years” and when you say yes that means your sperm have been obliterated.

Hey, people go to the movies to ESCAPE reality.

With a dead-serious Carpool Karaoke featuring Fetty Wap and Weird Al.

It’s called the Mile High strategy. 

…terrorist attack.

And Paris and Brussells and Cologne and Spain and New York and San Bernardino and Orlando and…

…herself to never wearing grown-up clothes to work.



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