The Break Down: Today's Trending Facebook Topics 3.28.2017

Why do they have to drag race into this? Does it matter that the softball player was auburn?

Boy I hope by plants they mean some sort of illegal pot farm.

So unfair. They approved Herbalife, which is ALSO a pyramid scheme.

To be fair, this is exactly as healthy as Coca-Cola.

…hilarious death threats written in comic sans he’s received over the years.

…poppers, dancing at the White Party. Get a new boyfriend, Kristin.

Yep, this counts as news over at the ol’ New Indian Express.

It sounds stupid, but it works: you strap it to roller skates.

Is it necessary to go after the woman’s hair? Can’t you keep it civil and focus on her monumental stupidity?

They ACTUALLY said “it’s nunyes business” I mean can you BELIEVE that?

Tomorrow: “Sean Spicer denies mocking WH reporter with Parkinson’s.”

This review brought to you by the trailer for Spider-Man: Homecoming’s mother

Try removing profitability, that will bring you even closer.

…out game’s first illegal immigrant.

…headline for Facebook Trending Topics. Good job, Nick and Amy.

That’s not a very nice way to refer to Ariana Grande.

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