The Break Down: Today's Trending Facebook Topics 3.30.2017

A bathroom bill standoff is the incredibly boring, whiny version of a Mexican standoff.

Kinda brutal thing to say about your current girlfriend.

Oh no, not a warning! Trump is powerless against a sternly-worded warning!

He claimed to have bought the opium with his own money in Afghanistan.

…25,000 white people, bribed security guards, molly overdoses, and David Guetta!

He was doing this weird black voice thing the whole time.

…the two cities on its “Opposite Ends of Desirability Spectrum” expansion program.

[extremely Trump voice] No homo.

And in preserving the spirit of the music, the NWA albums will be bootlegs.

That’s nice, offering some loser with no friends a bunch of laptops.

At least we’re using sarcastic quotation marks around that idiotic phrase now.

Don’t, it’s a trap! We’ve translated the book! It’s a cookbook!

Every part of this headline, including the url, is conceptually unappealing.

Hot on the heels of the SpaceX explosion: a reused cost-cutting model.

That’s it?! Six years for a lethal sword stabbing?! This has really got me weighing the pros and cons.

Current step toward driverless Teslas: people not being able to afford them.

I wonder what that translates to in English. Probably something like “My agents are breaking into your cars right now.”

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