The Break Down: Today's Trending Facebook Topics


Hey, Anne Frank Center: maybe start with Germany before you land on Tim Allen.

You’d think they could afford better surgeons.

For a second I thought that said “Schnapps” and was sad.

…Central Casting, I’m guessing? Is there a more German name?

They asked “are you going to finish that” 73 times.

You spelled “to sell to” wrong.

They want it re-shot with a hotter actor playing the gay character.

Hey, I thought he couldn’t get arrested in this town.

It must pain Yahoo! News to have to report stuff like this.

I suspect foul play. Get Inspector Morse on the case. Oh, wait.

The charge was something drug related and I guess there was simply no evidence these guys do and sell drugs.

Damn. Sounds like it’s going through a rough-ty patch.

“Eet ees barely abovf mine when I was guvnah.”

That’s how it starts: “investigating.” Soon you realize they’re right about everything. Then it’s just reading.

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