The CIA Got Kurt Cobain Hooked On Heroin & Had Him Killed?

When we think of the late, great Kurt Cobain we all think of his deeply held political and social views, right? According to the official story, the rock star front man for Nirvana committed suicide, shooting himself while on heroin in April of 1994. However a new book is out that says the grunge teen idol was targeted by the CIA who got the musician addicted to heroin as a way to have him killed.  Why would America’s spy agency care so much about a guy who sings about weather changing moods? To stop the spread of his anarchist views of course. All apologies but this smells like teen bullshit.

I love a good conspiracy and this one is a doozy. In the book “Drugs As Weapons Against Us” author John Potash argues that the government thought it was a good thing if a rock star like Cobain actually promoted drug use, yet wanted him killed due to his political beliefs. He explains:

“Evidence suggests that, unknown to Cobain, US intelligence used him to promote heroin use, similar to the way US intelligence and media assets helped promote acid in the 1960s. Suppressed evidence indicates that US intelligence helped orchestrate Cobain’s murder due to his anti-materialistic, radical leftist politics, along with his implicit threat to promote sobriety when he stopped using drugs.”

Potash says that many musicians over the last 40 years have been the target of a CIA conspiracy. This includes Jimi Hendrix, Tupac and John Lennon. Lennon might actually make sense as he was an outspoken antiwar, peace activist and critic of the US government.

I swear he did have a gun.

If you read too much of this new Kurt Cobain conspiracy theory it is enough to give you an aneurysm. Besides, we all know that Courtney Love is the one really behind his murder!

While today every musician and celebrity has their political views and every thought about every subject known to their millions of Twitter followers, Cobain was big in the early 1990’s. While Nirvana’s music was not very overtly political, and Cobain did comment on some social issues in interviews once and a while, it’s safe to say he wasn’t exactly known for his political activism at the time. So to subscribe to the idea that the US government would have some rock star killed – you’d have to be pretty DUMB to believe this.

Do you think it is possible the CIA or US government attempted to get rock stars like Cobain addicted to heroin in order to control the population? Did they have Cobain killed to stop him from getting sober?

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