The CMAs Made A Trump Joke Last Night



Ahead of the 2017 CMAs, the Country Music Association banned journalists from asking artists about the “mass shooting in Las Vegas, gun rights or political affiliations at the awards show” or lose their credentials. Country music artists told them to suck a dick. The ban was then listed. Then last night, co-hosts Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood opened the show with this. Per USA Today:

“We can’t be doing any of our silly little songs because this year’s show is a ‘politics-free zone,’ ” Underwood joked. “Are you kidding me? That’s not fair,” Paisley rebuffed, offering sample lyrics of political spoofs such as, “Way down wander on the Scaramucci” and “Hold me closer, Bernie Sanders.” “Right now, he’s probably in his PJs, reaching for his cellphone,” Paisley sang. “Right now, he’s probably asking Siri, ‘How in the hell do you spell Pocahontas?’ “In the middle of the night from the private seat of a gold-plated White House toilet seat, he writes, ‘Liddle Bob Corker,’ ‘NFL’ and ‘covfefe,’ ” Paisley continued, before his co-host joined in to finish the chorus. “It’s fun to watch it, that’s for sure, until little Rocket Man starts a war. Then maybe next time he’ll think before he tweets.”

You might say the Country Music Awards would be the last place you’d expect Trump to get roasted. I guess because it’s a room full of white people in cowboy hats? I don’t know. But again, it’s Trump. Dragging him at every opportunity is the one thing that crosses racial divides. Also, Carrie Underwood is hot as hell and I needed  reason to download these pics.




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