The Creator Of The Big Mac Dies, Damn It 2016! 10 Yummy Big Macs

2016 has really been a humdinger of a year, what with the tragic deaths of Prince, David Bowie, and democracy. However 2016 has really outdone itself this time with the passing of a true American legend. This morning McDonald’s announced that the creator of the iconic Big Mac burger has died. He will live on in our hearts forever. No really, our arteries will be clogged with pieces of Big Mac for years to come.

The tributes to Michael “Jim” Delligatti are pouring in like a tub of freshly made special sauce. However the people over at Ad Week got a little confused with their tribute Tweet to the iconic burger creator.

That sure is one dehydrated vagina.

Delligatti passed away this week at the ripe old age of 98. He was a Pittsburgh area McDonald’s franchise owner when in 1967 inspiration struck. Owning several McDonald’s in the area under Ray Kroc’s franchisee program, Delligatti first invented the Big Mac in the kitchen of his McKnight Road location in Ross Township. The first Big Mac was sold at his Uniontown, Pennsylvania location and later added to McDonald’s restaurants around the country in 1968.

Originally the sandwich was called The Aristocrat and then the Blue Ribbon Burger. The “Big Mac” name was created by a secretary who worked in the advertising department of McDonald’s corporate headquarters and was just 21 years-old at the time.

Deep fried and ready to mingle in my mouth.

At first McDonald’s almost rejected the Big Mac but saw how well it was doing in Pennsylvania. Sadly while the Big Mac has sold billions around the world, Delligatti was never given any royalties for his contribution to the history of the burger.

Break Question of The Day: Are you more of a Big Mac or a Whopper person?

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