The Escapist And Children's Hospital Of Philadelphia Need Your Help

Tis the season for screaming at other customers in the mall who refuse to think of other patrons as they leave their shopping cart in literally every walking path there is. Seriously, just move it to the side while looking for more toys your bratty kids really don’t need. But it’s ALSO the season of giving to the less fortunate and our friends at The Escapist are looking to do just that on December 16th. There’s one catch; it’ll take a village to pull it off. WAIT–before you click away this isn’t going to be that painful, promise.

I know what you’re thinking. “That’s cool, donating money for a solid charity. Very nice, very nice, but what do we get outta this again? I mean, it’s The Escapist, surely they’re offering something to those that donate??” To promote, folks with The Escapist will be attempting a 24 hour stream on Twitch and God only knows what else will be going on in those 24 hours. Join head streamer John Markley, Senior Editor Liz Finnegan, and whatever other Escapist personnel and special guests they’re able to drag along as they raise money for The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. The stream which you can find HERE

Have you ever tried to watch someone stream for 24 hours straight, let alone the people from The Escapist? It can get pretty weird around the 5 minute mark. Boredom sets in pretty quickly these days. On top of that, if you donate, you’ll just feel really good about yourself and that’s really just a f*cking priceless feeling, right?

Don’t forget to tune in Friday, December 16th at 6:30PM Easter time!



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