The Internet Can’t Decide If This Is A Pic Of Tom Hanks Or Bill Murray!

We might have just uncovered a bigger conspiracy than whatever the hell the plot of “Inferno” is about.  A photo recently hit the internet that features an iconic American actor holding a crying baby who he appears to be imitating. Only social media has gone into full blown blue dress meltdown mode as nobody can agree if it is Tom Hanks or Bill Murray. Personally I think it looks like Danny DeVito.

For some reason this photo is making the rounds again. An ugly truth has raised its head that first hit the Internet three years ago yet persists to this day. The Facebook Page; Reasons My Son Is Crying shared a photo originally taken by Laura DiMichele-Ross with her young son who started bawling at the sight of the celebrity.

Immediately people on social media started arguing over the identity of the guy in the orange jacket. Hanks or Murray?! It gets weirder when you look at older photos of the two side by side and they start to morph into one another.

I have been looking at these two faces for some time and it hit me. Have Hanks and Murray ever been in the same film together? Forget movies; has anyone ever seen them in the same ROOM together? All this time Tom Hanks and Bill Murray might have been the same person. Or else we entered a weird parallel universe where, in our universe they were separate people but now are the same entity know as Till Hurray.

I might have that disorder where I can’t recognize faces. To me it could be either!

So what do you think, is it Tom Hanks or Bill Murray in the original photo?

Scroll below to find out!

According to Laura, it was definitely Bill Murray holding her son.  As we know, Bill is always super awesome to his fans and up for fun shenanigans. She and little Alexander met Murray at the Alfred Dunhill Links Golf Competition and he later even signed a copy of the photo printed out. The mom says that Alexander now loves the original Ghostbusters although he still doesn’t know who Bill Murray is.

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