The Internet Is Freaking Out Over This Photo of Haley Baldwin On The Toilet

Model Haley Baldwin recently did a cover shoot for InPrint Magazine, a digital arts ‘zine based out of Australia. Most of the photos from the shoot were standard shots of Baldwin posing in various states of dress

Or reclining on a couch like “whatever.”

The photo that has the internet in an uproar is of this shot of Baldwin sitting on a toilet with her underwear around her ankles.

Now, Baldwin sitting on a toilet is not cause for alarm. Even models have to take wicked shits and that is completely normal and should be celebrated. What is throwing the world wide web into convulsions is this.

The toilet seat is down! One, this would be a really messy way to use the bathroom. Two, she’s twenty years old, she should know how toilets work. When asked in an interview, Inprint’s founder Megha Kapoor says “I would never want to literally shoot her peeing, that’s super crass.”

So the toilet seat was left down to make the photo look staged. I buy that, but why in the hell does this toilet have a phone next to it?

What am I up to? You know, just poopin’. You?

Who would put a phone next to a toilet seat? Who’s used that phone? Who is Baldwin talking to? Does she know they’re on the toilet? Does everyone that’s used that phone wash their hands before touching it? If not, gross!

When pressed for comment, Kapoor says “The story is about intimate moments with her and her letting her guard down — she has a great sense of humour and this was an image I loved aesthetically and even more as it’s a bit tongue and cheek,” Kapoor continued. “If anything it’s more of a comment about her always being on the phone rather than on the loo!”

So I guess that answers that. The toilet seat is down because Inprint didn’t want to be crass and the phone is next to the toilet because Baldwin always uses the phone. With those two facts together, if you’re friends with Baldwin and she calls you often, now you know that she’s probably peeing while doing it.

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