The Internet Loves An Amazing Motorized Papasan Chair Cruising Down The Street

Just this week Los Angeles was ranked as the number one most traffic congested and gridlocked city in the United States. So it is no surprise that a couple in LA invented a way to try and relax while spending all that time in traffic.

The pair were spotted driving a motorized papasan chair down busy Olympic and Sawtelle boulevards in the city. Reddit user Socalsubie took and posted pictures of the pair cruising down the street in the comfortable looking vehicle.

While he may have trouble getting tags for this thing at the DMV, many commenters showed their love and support for the unusual mode of transportation:

One commenter BooBooKitty claimed to be the motorized papasan chair inventor’s cousin. He says that the guy built it for the fun of it and likes to work on random projects. Hopefully it pays off, this could be the next “hover boards” but it seems a lot safer.

Video even surfaced online of the papasan doing some “donuts.”

Would you drive a papasan chair to work?

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