The ‘Oceans 8’ Trailer Is Here

Oceans 8


Now that the #MeToo movement has naturally progressed to famous women fighting over what color dress they should wear to the Golden Globes, I guess now is as good a time as any to drop the Oceans 8 trailer. Because in new feminism news, the new thing is where studios take a well-known, existing IP and reboot it with an all female cast and claim “female empowerment” then hire a white dude to direct it. Then the best part is if you say it isn’t as good as the original, it’s because you hate women. Like Ghostbusters.  Remember in the original when four smart dudes used science and well-timed jokes to fight the supernatural then they rebooted it and four women acted mentally challenged and didn’t catch a single ghost the whole movie? That was great. And although Kristen Wiig had already written an Oscar-nominated comedy, they let a white dude in an ascot write it? Cool, cool. Anyway, this trailer actually looks pretty good, so maybe it was just Paul Feig who ruined a franchise before it started.


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