The One Bizarre 'Home Alone' Fact No One Knew About Until Now

It’s Christmas time which means it’s a time for family. More specifically, a time for family to sit in front of the boob tube and watch more TV and movies than they have all year long because that’s way more enjoyable than having to talk to each other. You have classics like Scrooged, Christmas Vacation and of course Home Alone.

Articles upon articles have been written about these classics claiming “Here are 400 weird facts you didn’t know!” but here’s one fact about Home Alone that we actually were really surprised by. Now whenever we watch the John Hughes classic, it’ll be hard to not notice this little tidbit. Also it’s a good topic of conversation if you’re having a Netflix and Chill kinda date night.

The scene in which Kevin is getting used to the idea of being home alone (and loving it), he begins to root through his older brother Buzz’s belongings including the chest where Buzz hides his most prized possessions. Inside, Kevin finds a Playboy, firecrackers and a framed picture of Buzz’s girlfriend which Kevin finds more horrifying than he did the Playboy.

I love the idea that Buzz loves his girlfriend enough to actually FRAME a photo of her to only hide the picture away for no one to see. His character is so conflicted.

The thing however that no one has been able to point out until it was revealed by the actor who played Buzz, Devin Ratray, was that Buzz’s girlfriend wasn’t actually a girl at all.

In fact, Buzz was technically dating a boy.

Well, more specifically it was a boy that was hired to portray Buzz’s girlfriend. Gotta admit, this kid had us fooled for decades and not once did we ever think that wasn’t a girl in a blonde wig and braces.

Ratray revealed that there was a reason behind the producers picking a boy to look like Buzz’s lady in the film. Damn, we hoped they just wanted to get weird.

“The producers decided that it would be a little bit unkind to put a girl in that role of just being ‘funny looking’ and the art director had a son who was more than willing to volunteer for the part!”

Ahhhh okay. So instead of making some young girl’s dreams come true by getting a small role in one of the biggest films of 1990, you decided to do the “kind” thing and give the role to a boy. No, seriously, the movie made over $470 million dollars and was the 2nd highest grossing film of that year (Ghost was #1). So yeah, good thing you didn’t hurt any young actresses feelings on that one!

Regardless, everytime we watch Home Alone now we’re going to keep thinking how Buzz’s girlfriend is really a dude. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Especially when you realize that’s probably why Buzz was so pissed for no reason for two whole movies.

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