The University Of North Texas Made A Hilarious Mistake When Creating This Mug

Some things are just too perfect to have been a mistake. But mistake or not, apparently not many people are seeing the second meaning in this college mug because Barnes and Noble started selling the item, not putting two and two together until it was, well, too late.

Texas has had a lot of unfortunate trouble last week and the aspiring minds and scholars at the University of North Texas are having to go through their own sh*tstorm of press after releasing a mug that looks to be saying the word “cunt”. Sure, it simply says the school initials, but c’mon, it totally says cunt too.

But for the rest of us with twisted minds, you now have the opportunity to buy the mug and tell a loved one you bought them a little ceramic cunt. Okay, maybe we’re saying the word cunt too much now but you started it UNT!

An imgur user posted the above image, letting the rest of us who aren’t in the know about UNT’s hilarious school apparel, and we just can’t thank them enough. Odds are the college has been sporting their initials on mugs for years which makes one think it has simply been an inside joke for students until now. Even the UK has caught wind of this perfect blunder recently. Nothing like putting your school on the map globally thanks to one of the more vulgar words in the English language!

Man, that’s one old cunt.

The UNT page at Barnes & Noble is still offering the mug, as is the school stores on campus so make sure you get your cunts to hold all of that Jager you plan on drinking when the next semester starts.

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