The Village People Add a Hot Asian Construction Worker to Revamped Lineup

The Village People

Add Hot Asian Construction Worker

In a Revamped Lineup

8/23/2017 12:40 AM PDT


The Village People‘s OG lineup of costumed characters was gettin’ a little long in the tooth … so they added a young man to the lineup … and he’s Asian.

VP is unveiling its latest addition to the “YMCA” crew — a new construction worker named James Qwong, a 6’2″ Chinese model/actor … and the first Asian man in the Village People.

Lead singer Victor Willis — who recently returned to the group after a legal battle for song rights — felt the touring group looked worn and tired … so he wanted a fresh, hot bod on the front lines. 

Hard to tell he’s Asian from the ginormous sunglasses. Still … talk about a macho man, huh?

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