These 11 Photos Of Dinosaurs Traveling The World Make Everything Better

What would it be like if dinosaurs had evolved intelligence instead of humans and they had the ability to travel the world? This is the question that is raised by a series of mind bending photos that follow a group of dinosaur toys as they go on a prehistoric adventure in the modern world. User Shadowbun posted the artistic snapshots to Imgur and Reddit users quickly fell in love with them. It will make you want to pack your bags and head out on a voyage with a Brachiosaurus.

1. Stegosaurus Vs. Windshield  

2. Dinosaur Waterfall

3. Dinosaur Mountain

4. Jurassic Beach

5. Field Of Dinos

6. Dinos Take a Dip

7. First Class Flying Dinosaurs

8. Hill Top Climbing Dinosaurs  


9. TSA Is Suspicious Of This Guy

10. Dino Enjoying The View

11. Dino Vs. Bull: Who Ya Got?




All photos: ShadowBun

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