These 5 Frogs Have Crazy Superpowers

If you ask the average person what words come to mind when they think of frogs, they’ll probably say “gross, disgusting and unsanitary.” While that may be true, nature’s slimiest residents are also pretty dang incredible. Here are five cool frogs with insane abilities.

Glass Frog

Your eyes aren’t lying to you, those are the glass frog’s guts in full view. Like the Invisible Woman, glass frogs are largely see-through. They evolved their clearish skin to camouflage themselves from predators. Another unique trait of the glass frog is that unlike most frogs, their eyes are located on the front of their head which gives them improved vision. Neat!

Suriname Toad

If you don’t like feeling sick to your stomach, you’ll hate the Suriname toad. Named for the South American country that it is native to, the Suriname Toad gives birth out of holes in its back. It’s really freaking gross to watch which is why I figured it’d be a great idea to include this video.

If you aren’t vomiting repeatedly all over your keyboard until your computer is wet and broken after watching that, I don’t know what your problem is.

Golden Poison Dart Frog

The golden poison dart frog isn’t covered in gold, but, man, if only. Goodbye national debt. They’re called golden poison dart frogs because they have gold coloring and are also EXTREMELY poisonous. Just a single, two-inch goldie has enough poison in its body to kill ten adult men. They are legit one of the most poisonous animals in the world and watching that Suriname toad give birth makes me want to eat a golden poison dart frog so I’ll die and not have to think about it anymore.

Horror Frog

The horror frog is unusual for a few reasons and only one of them are why it’s called the horror frog. It’s covered in weird hair. That’s pretty weird. Also, it can break its forearm bones, piece them through its still living flesh and use those jagged, broken limbs to kill its enemies like it’s god damned Wolverine. Clearly, that insane claw thing is why it’s called the horror frog unless you’re really, really freaked out by hair. In that case, I don’t know what to tell you. Go to therapy!

Wallace’s Flying Frog

Wallace’s flying frog doesn’t fly. It glides like a sugar glider or flying squirrel but froggier. They primarily live in treetops and glide from branch to branch whenever they feel threatened. With their extremely webbed feet, they can sail up to fifty-feet from tree to tree.

Why are they called Wallace’s flying frog, you’re asking yourself? It’s because they were first catalogued by a guy named Alfred Russel Wallace in 1869 and he was presumably kind of a glory hound about it.

All of these frogs are incredible, but only one will haunt your thoughts for the rest of your days.


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