These Laws Of Magick Are The First Step To Becoming A Real Wizard

Harry Potter lied. There are no muggles. In real occultism, being a wizard is not something you’re born to, like being a redhead or a Presbyterian. It’s not about what you believe in because it’s not a belief system. It’s about what you do.

Anyone can do it! Magick is for ALL.

But almost no one really does. Why? For starters, the occult scene is 90% crap. Most books on magick are crap. And even the really good ones tend to leave out some of the most basic steps. Most magical groups are pretty ridiculous and stupid too. The hardest part is figuring out where to start, or what you have to know before you start.

The second reason is because magick requires that you change. You might think you want to change, but you probably don’t. Maybe you want to change your house or your look, but actually changing your whole self? Deep down that scares the crap out of anyone. Most people who say they really want to change how they are actually end up choosing to keep being miserable just to avoid changing.

In today’s article, I’m going to give you the basic laws of magick. These are the building blocks of how magick work. And if you get them, you’ll see why it’s really easy – and really hard.

Law #1: Magick is About Intentionally Causing Change

If nothing changes, it’s not magick.

Law #1b: Causing Change Requires Performing Change

In the olden days, this was called “as above, so below.” There’s a lot written about this in occultism, but basically speaking, if you want to make magical change, you have to make some kind of change in yourself – sometimes just changing what you do, but more often deeper change in how you see things or who you are.

This is where most people quit. A lot of people want magic to be a way to get something for nothing: to get a quick fix where they get something they think they want, without having to do any hard work or change anything. But that never works, at least not for long.

Law #1c: Magical Change Must Happen in Conformity to Truth

Most of us think we know what’s true, but unless you know your true nature, and not all the lies you were told and tell yourself all the time, you’re actually living in an illusion.

So try to imagine that you’re living in a kind of fake reality (Matrix-style). There’s a real reality underneath, and sometimes you think you know what it is, but you can’t quite be sure. When you try to create magical change, for it to actually work, it has to fit what’s really real.

Let’s say you’re hot for someone. You think you’re meant to be with them. You want to do some kind of ‘love magic’ to get them to notice you. Now:

A) Maybe you are hot for them, but in reality they don’t really have any potential interest in you. Your magic either won’t work at all, or it will turn out really badly.
B) Maybe you aren’t actually hot for them. Maybe you’re just hot for some fantasy about them in your head. Again, if you’re lucky your magic won’t work, if not it will probably go really badly.
C) If you’re a really smart wizard, you won’t try to magick your way into getting them to notice you. You’ll magick yourself: first to see yourself more clearly, to be sure you’re not fooling yourself; and second to change how you are and how you act, so that you can get the person you really want to get.

Law #2: The More Connected to Truth you are, the More Powerful Your Magick

The less you lie to yourself about who you are, what you really feel or your real situation, the easier it will be for you to create change, and the more powerful and lasting that change will be. Wanting to see what’s true is really hard though.

It’s usually easier to tell ourselves (and others) comforting lies about ourselves or the world. So a magician has to work at truth.

Law #3: Self-Inquiry, Meditation, and Concentration are the Basic Skills of a Magician

“Self-Inquiry” means working on uncovering your own true nature (aka “True Will,” “higher self,” “superior man,” etc). To get this done is harder than it sounds, and usually requires a magical language and tools to communicate to with your own true nature.

But here’s how you can start RIGHT NOW:

A) Think of what you are doing/wanting and ask, “Is this really me or does this come from somewhere else?”

Are you doing something just because someone once told you that you were (or weren’t) supposed to? Is it because your mom once called you stupid? Are you still doing something out of habit because of what you used to want, or used to be scared of, and not who you are now?

B) Figure out what you REALLY know (from personal experience, mostly). Question what you just think you know, or only believe. Question all your assumptions about reality. If you DON’T know, make sure you can admit it. That’s the beginning of wisdom.

C) Before trying to do any magic (or make any change) ask yourself these two questions: “Is there anything I’m not seeing here?” and “If this works, then what?”

“Meditation” for a magician means any kind of exercise where you can put yourself in a state of trance where your consciousness just steps out of the way. It doesn’t mean you go totally blank, you might still be having thoughts, but it’s like your conscious mind is in the background. This is really important for later magical work, and because it’s a good way to connect to the Real.

If you want to try this yourself, here’s an easy way:

Sit down comfortably with your back straight (other than that, it doesn’t matter how you sit). Then get TOTALLY still. Don’t move at all. Try to keep your body relaxed but don’t move. Don’t scratch anything, don’t adjust your legs, don’t wiggle your toes. Just breathing and blinking is allowed.

Try to be aware of your whole body, and not pay any attention to what your mind is doing. If it’s back there singing song lyrics or blabbing, don’t worry about trying to silence it, just let it be there and keep feeling your body, totally still.

Do this for 20 minutes a day, every day. At first it’ll be really hard and uncomfortable. After a few days that will stop and you can try to hold that position longer. Then some very crazy stuff will start to happen. You might start to see lights or hear voices. You might get sudden answers to problems you’ve been having. And you’ll know its working really well when you start getting moments where “you” just aren’t there at all.

“Concentration” is the flip-side of meditation and it’s just as important. It will let you focus your will toward making change happen. If you can’t focus you can’t make change. There’s lots of techniques for this too, but here’s a simple method:

Sit really still and put some kind of simple object in front of you. It could really be almost anything (a spoon, a pencil, a glass of water, whatever); just don’t make it too complex at first.

Stare intently at that object. Let everything else disappear from your attention. Be totally focused on that object, for at least 10 minutes (later, try to go longer).

At first you’ll probably find it hard to keep paying attention; your eyes will try to look at something else, your brain will try to distract you from the object, so keep trying to stay focused. If you do, soon you’ll have weird visual effects. The object will seem to wobble, to change shape, everything around you might seem to get dark, it can be pretty weird. But keep focusing, every day, until you can do it for a long while without getting distracted.

Later, try more complex objects, or images. Really wild stuff can start to happen if you use a Tarot card or a Buddhist mandala or a picture of a Hindu deity.

I know what you’re thinking: right now none of this really looks like “magick” to you. But that all comes later. These are the basic laws of change, and if you want to get into occultism and actually make it work, understanding these laws and basic tools is essential. Even if you don’t really want to cast spells, understanding and working with the laws above can do a lot to help you improve your life.

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