These People Discovered A Hole In Their Yard. The Creepy Part Is It Has Stairs

Having a sense of adventure is one thing but one can’t help but be creeped out at this family’s story after they discovered a deep dark hole in their front lawn…with stairs that led down into it.

Emma James said she was mowing her yard when a patch of the grass felt soft and began to sink, which is when she grabbed a shovel, removed some of the dirt and grass to discover what looks like a tunnel. “Over Christmas we had the cars parked on there so they could have gone in.” This looks like a job for the Goonies!

Emma and her husband Kevin went on to explain how they then noticed the rusty steps leading down into the dark tunnel, still unsure of what they just uncovered.

The house was built in 1984 so the couple called the company who originally purchased the land in order to erect the home but unfortunately it was a dead end with no one able to answer any of their questions.

So did the couple throw caution to the wind, grab a flashlight and head into the tunnel to see what lies beneath? HELL NO. THAT is exactly why we roll our eyes at characters who DO that type of thing in the movies!

Instead, the couple says they’re staying above ground until they find out what the hell is down there. Emma says, “We just want someone to come out and tell us what it is so we can sort it out – I don’t want to just leave a hole in my front lawn.”

Just think, there could be treasure down there…

…or worse, a dead body…

Regardless, the James’ are playing it safe and waiting for someone to give them a bit more information on what could possibly be in the mystery hole before playing adventurer in their own yard. Emma goes on to say, “I just hope that another hole doesn’t suddenly appear. Nobody wants to know about it and all we need is somebody to come out and have a look and tell us what it is and what we can do about it.”


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