These Plastic Surgery Twins Want To Have A Baby At The Same Time From Same Man

Getting plastic surgery is a big decision for anyone, but these pairs of twins all got matching plastic surgery so they could continue to look alike even after their procedures.

1. Australian Twins Want to Have Baby At Same Time By Same Man

Ana and Lucy DeClinque of Perth, Australia try so hard to look and act the same that they even finish each other’s sentences (although sometimes it sounds more like that “Garth and Kat” skit from SNL.) The 30-year-old sisters have even had the same plastic surgery procedures to look alike and eat and exercise exactly the same.  The twins share the same boyfriend and now plan to get pregnant at the same time from the same man so their offspring would be half-sibling cousins.

2.  Pair Of French Actor Twins Get Multiple Facelifts Together

 In the 1980’s twin brothers Igor and Grichka Bogdanoff had a successful career together acting on French television and were even considered heartthrobs. The two were known for their show “Temps X,” but since the 90’s they have both gotten an increasing number of facelifts and plastic surgeries together.

3. Swedish Twins Spend Thousands To Look Like Dolls

25-year-old Swedish identical twins, Sara and Emily Koponen have reportedly spent thousands of dollars in their joint effort to look like living dolls. Sara says; “We are both addicted with modifying our bodies – but we have to make sure we both do the same things otherwise we won’t match.”

4. British Twins Get Multiple Procedures Over Many Years

38-year-old sisters Jo and Kerry Burton have spent years and loads of money to keep their looks alike. Costing around 99 thousand dollars, over the past 17 years the twins have had nose jobs, breast enlargements, eye lifts, tattooed eye liner and lots of Botox. They say while they are growing old together, their next duel procedure they are planning might be a facelift.

5. Korean Twins Drastically Transform Together

A pair of South Korean twins were featured on a reality show in that country called “Let’s Beauty.” The show sponsored a series of makeovers including several plastic surgery procedures that transformed the sisters. They received cosmetic surgery on their chin, nose and eyes, the results of which stunned the audience for the show.

6. Twins Both Have Surgery To Look Like Brad Pitt

Twins Mike and Matt from Arizona both look like each other, but they both really want to look like Brad Pitt. The brothers each received porcelain veneers, chin implants, and rhinoplasty in an effort to look like the famous actor.

7. Twins Have Escalating Plastic Surgery Rivalry To Look Younger

Unlike the other twins on this list Tracy Williams and Tina O’Sullivan are sisters who get plastic surgery to try and outdo each other, rather than get their facelifts together. In an effort to look younger Tina got her cheeks enhanced, which Tracy to do the same. This has gone on and on, and so far the pair have each had cheek fillers, a nose job, lip injections, jaw realignments, eyeliner tattoos, Botox and non-surgical facelifts. In just three years the twins have each spent around $38,000 on plastic surgery. The whole thing is driven by jealousy of the other twin looking younger. Tina is twenty minutes younger than her sister, yet she says “I’d like to think Tracy looks the oldest, though.”

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