These “Starbucks Uncle” Memes That Spit Coffee In The Face Of Nature

There is something about this that speaks to me on a primal level. Hong Kong is currently experiencing extreme flash flooding and rain as Super Typhoon Haima makes its way toward the city. With 72 mile an hour winds pounding the area, trees knocked down and flights canceled many residents are bracing for what could be a natural disaster. However, this was not about to stop an older man from getting his Starbucks fix.

A photo of the man sitting in front of a Starbucks in a flooded shopping center in Hong Kong went viral this week. There is just something completely fascinating about the man casually reading the newspaper and having his coffee while the building around him is clearly filled with water. Typhoon Haima? Ain’t nobody got time for that.

This guy gives complexly zero F’s about what nature has in store for his city. The Internet responded by celebrating the guy who has been dubbed “Starbucks Uncle.” In one photo we even see the Starbucks employees waiting for him to finish his coffee.


Not sure why they just wouldn’t tell him they were closing DUE TO THE FLOOD, but perhaps they were also inspired by his resilience. At one point a younger man joined Starbucks Uncle in his quest to fight mother nature, although he has not also been given a cool nickname.


Some epic memes were created in his honor:

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