This 62-Year-Old Man Completed An 11 Hour Marathon Despite Lung Disease

If you’re ever thinking that you’re too tired, too ill or just too hungover to do something for yourself or someone else, take this man’s story into account before you just go back to bed feeling sorry for yourself.

62-year-old Evans Wilson just completed an 11 hour marathon in Seattle. Oh, it’s not impressive because he’s 62-years-old. It’s impressive because he has lung disease, specifically pulmonary hypertension and pulmonary fibrosis all the while carrying his oxygen tank straight to the finish line.

Evans completed the marathon with his wife, who also has the same illness as her husband, even though they both experienced difficulties during the stretch. At one point, the wheels on Evans’ oxygen tank had fallen off, so he had to stop to fix it before carrying on. Of course they both wouldn’t be able to complete the race in the alotted time so they had special permission to start the race a little early before the other runners. And when the race was long over, they were given permission to continue on so they could be accounted for after they reached the finish line.

While the other marathoners were running to the finish line, Evans and his wife were forced to walk because of their illness. By the end of the race, Evans and his wife finished in 11 hours and live tweeted the whole experience.

So why would they put themselves through this? In the name of the Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation, the couple were able to raise $19,000. Sometimes it’s good to go try and go beyond what you think you’re capable of. Because you’ll often surprise yourself by the outcome.

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