This Barrel Had A Creepy Surprise For Two Hikers Investigating Cult Activity

Many a horror film has ruined the notion of hiking in a heavily wooded area. Add the fact that cult activity had been reported in the woods this hiker was visiting and you know you’re in for an unpleasant surprise in one way or another. The question is, when finding an old rusty barrel turned makeshift burn barrel, do you go ahead and look inside? This guy did and of course there was something waiting inside.

Posted onto Reddit under the title “…this area is known for having lots of cult activity”, it’s a wonder this guy even decided to look into the barrel at all. But he did and of course what looked like human bones were inside.

The hiker that found the bones went back to grab his buddy to make sure what he found was legit before calling the cops. After the two went back to the barrel to examine what he found, one friend realized that it wasn’t human bones but actually deer bones. Sure, not AS spooky but considering the area has been known to host some eerie cult activity, no deer just decided to crawl up in the barrel, die and rot there. So someone…or some thing must’ve killed the deer and hid its bones in the barrel to hide the evidence.

Redditors however have another theory that it was simply just a deer poacher had decided to hide their crime. “Hunters don’t generally try to hide their leavings. They also don’t usually burn them, as they take most of the animal home for meat, or to a meat market. That looks like a burn pit, to get rid of evidence.”

Or, it was some blood thirsty Satanists needing a pair of antlers for their Cult Cave. One of the two.

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