This Couple Having Sex On A Train Track Ended In A Bloody Nightmare

For some reason, we have a fascination with getting laid on train tracks and frankly I have no idea why. They’re uncomfortable, hobos hang out around train tracks and if you’re banging someone you don’t really know that well, the walk back could possibly be an awkward one (see the first example). But for one couple who thought it’d be fun to get it on on some train tracks, their sexual encounter unfortunately ended in a damn nightmare.

Where the incident took place: Zaudinskaya railway station in Russia.

The couple had been having sex on the correct side of the tracks when they saw a train approaching. Thinking it’d be exciting if they kept going, knowing they were on the clear tracks next to the rails the train was on, the woman looked up to watch the train approach. And that’s when unfortunately her head was completely severed by something protruding on the train, far enough to reach the couple on the side. That’s right, they were allegedly still going at it when the worst case scenario happened.

The man survived and was able to tell the police what had happened.

According to sources, the couple was unfortunately drunk at the time of the accident, which explains why they would want to have sex on some train tracks in the first place. Authorities say if she hadn’t looked up and stayed in the position she was in while having sex, she might still be alive. Horrific? Yes. But can we all learn a lesson from this? Hopefully those of us that fear getting our heads ripped off can.

So the next time your lady tries to push you into being a little bit more adventurous, a little bit more dangerous in the sex department, remind her that it actually pays to be a little cautious sometimes. Sometimes.

No word if the woman’s head was recovered.

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