This Fired Disney World Performer Reveals His Weirdest Experiences On The Job

When you’re hired to put on a costume for the Disney World theme park, there is a laundry list of rules you need to follow. Obviously talking about the job on an open forum is one big no-no, but this performer was recently fired for fighting with another performer and now Disney World’s secrets are fair game because this guy gives zero f*cks.

Reddit user “IHaveAnotherIdentity” decided to let curious parties ask him about his job as a former Goofy performer at Disney World. Nothing was too taboo to be discussed and many walked away from the AMA with not only a few juicy details but a deeper appreciation for what the park employees have to go through on literally a daily basis.

Here are a few of his weirder stories that he decided to share:

1. Police came to arrest another male Disney World employee, who was hiding out as a trans-woman.

He says the Greeter (now called Attendants) was actually a father of a missing child and hiding out for possibly related reasons. Yikes.

2. A Tigger performer was prosecuted for feeling up a guest. They were allowed to stay on the staff, but then later fired for molesting a photographer.

Jesus, Disney.

3. What Disney pays their costume performers is terrible. Especially if you’ve been there for 25 years!

After 25 years of service, the former employee revealed that he was only getting $15 an hour. Damn.

4. The most important rule he had to follow: Just shut up.

As a performer, the one thing that the theme park demands you never do, is speak. One supposes that you’ll probably sound NOTHING like the official Goofy voice, but also so you don’t make a jackass of yourself…and Disney. Regardless, not speaking to customers sounds like a pretty great rule if you ask me.

5. His life was once threatened. Literally.

During Grad Night (which is a night where university students are locked inside the theme park all night…for fun) one of the students actually threatened to kill him. Probably a good rule of thumb to know that grad students are a little old to be locked inside Disney World.

At the end of the day, the former Goofy says he loved Disney World when he started and still loves it to this day. I suppose you better love the park if you’ve been an employee with them for over 20 years!

Read more of his AMA HERE.

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