This Girl Makes $4,000 A Month Helping Get Dudes Laid

There are few things that are guaranteed in life: death, taxes, losing socks in the dryer, traffic on the highway when you’re already running late…and sex.

Well, not exactly: everyone wants to have sex, it’s just not necessarily guaranteed. You could spend the rest of your life as a virgin without anyone ever knowing, but unless your dick was chopped off in a freak boating accident, why put yourself through that? You don’t have to be good looking, funny or smart to get laid – it’s basically a matter of time until you find one girl with rock-bottom self-esteem (sorry gents, I’m taken) who’s willing to diddle your fiddle.

Or, you could take all the stress and guesswork out by hiring Erin Davis.

In 2014 Erin started her own business named “Erin Davis Wingwoman,” a service that sets up dates for people who can’t be bothered to meet people on their own. Residing in Manhattan, Erin earns $4,000 a month matching compatible people together and spends a full 40-hour work week interviewing clients and determining who is compatible with who. “It’s very effective,” she tells  LadBible. “I find that I don’t have to work with clients for long, it’s usually only a few weeks before they meet someone.”

“Love is subjective. There are no guarantees in this business, but I can help people who are seriously looking for love.”

What initially started out as a hobby has now turned into a full-blown wingwoman career, with Erin considering herself a “professional dater” – “I love dating and believe in the process,” she explains. “I don’t use apps and believe they are over-used and abused in today’s high-tech society. I use my model for how I met some of the best people I have ever dated. I’m filtering my own experiences for others.”

As for how successful Erin Davis Wingwoman is, she claims that her best month had 50 dates, however in the long-term she’s had two couples get married after meeting through her service. “I’ve done a variety of things from being hired as a wedding date to get a client out on the dance floor and introduced to new people, to being a wingwoman at events and dinner parties,” she recounts. “With my help, you can meet a person that it would have taken months of searching for to find, you are in a room of compatible people.”

“It must have been something in my blood, I really wanted to put people together even from [when I was] eight years old.”

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