This Grandma, Mom And Daughter Claim Everyone Thinks They Look Identical

If you have a brother or sister, I’m sure you’ve been told before that you look so much like your sibling…but you usually just don’t see it. Well these three relatives have apparently been hearing for the longest time now how they look identical, only instead of sisters it’s a daughter, her mom and the grandma who apparently look so much alike.

Do you agree?



I think what Bryan Cranston is delicately trying to say is “Ehhh, not so much”. Not that these three ladies (ranging in age from 65, to 44, to 16) aren’t as good looking as the next but identical? I don’t think so.

Recently another family caught the internet’s attention by actually looking identical, and extremely hard to tell a part. The following three women look identical, however two are sisters and the third is their mom. Can you tell them a part?


The short answer is the mom is on the left. Now THAT is a family of women that look alike!

However, the trio know as the Slade family might be trying to do as much as they can to fake out anyone who may glance in their direction during their various ladies’ nights by sometimes wearing identical clothes. They also gloat the fact that they can wear each other’s clothes, or more precisely, gloat at the fact that the grandma and mom can fit into their 16-year-old daughters outfits.

Okay, maybe it’s just the lighting on that first pic. Let’s take a look at another example…



Grandma Slade said, “We often get together and enjoy ‘Who wears it better?’ nights, trying on each other’s outfits.

“It used to be that mums, daughters and nanas dressed ‘age appropriately’ but for us our style is the same and we all look awesome.”

Some of you aren’t alone though in thinking that these three women must be stoned when they say they look identical. Not many people online are believing it either. This guy included…


However the Slade family is standing by their claim that they may as well be triplets. Personally, I’d love to claim I’m an astronaut but, well, some things just aren’t true, are they.

So what do you guys think? Could you get these women confused with each other or would even the darkest of clubs not keep you from being able to tell them apart?


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