This Guy Got 15,000 Toys Out Of Those Infuriating Claw Machine Games

Have you ever actually managed to get a prize out of one of those games where you drop the metal claw on a pile of stuffed animals? I once knew a guy who could pull anything out of the claw machine at our local arcade.

He was the owner of our local arcade.

Almost as impressive is Chen Zhitong, who, playing strictly by the rules, has managed to amass FIFTEEN THOUSAND toys from various claw machines around China. That’s an average of 41 toys a day or a toy every 35 minutes or he’s exaggerating how many toys he’s won.

It’s still a lot, and he’s got an apartment stuffed with stuffed plush to prove it, as evidenced in the video below:

If the guy ever manages to get banned from every arcade in China for bankrupting the claw machine industry—or decided to leave voluntarily because he bankrupts the industry—he might want to consider taking his talents to Japan, which enjoys a robust arcade culture featuring insane claw machines like this:

You’ll notice the “100” on the lower right-hand corner, specifying the 100 Yen this (and most) machines in Japan cost to play, which is roughly 90 American cents.

Rhythm games, which are just about dead in America after enjoying a short, massive popularity, have never gone out of style in Japan:

Here’s one that looks like a giant version of an MPC drum machine:

Here’s a video of someone playing it. It’s insane:

If you ever found Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing too boring, perhaps shooting zombies with each correct keystroke is more up your alley. Behold Typing of the Dead:

Here’s a videogame where you go into hypersleep for 57 years after defeating the Xenomorph at the end of Alien:

Are you a girl? They’ve got you covered, too. I barely remember any Japanese from high school (because I took French) but I think these are sticker machines:

Are you really into spanking but NOT in a sexual way and you don’t have any kids?

And if you don’t like fighting games OR rhythm games OR racing games OR spanking OR stickers, behold:

Of course, you have to wait a couple minutes for it to cool down before you can play.




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