This Hot Lingerie Model Has An Insane 22-Point Checklist For Future Boyfriends

A UK lingerie model has an elaborate 22-point checklist she goes through before going on any first date. Her name is Jade Ainsworth and I’m not sure if she’s careful, or crazy.

We’re leaning toward crazy.

Ainsworth revealed her mental, and we do mean mental checklist on the UK television show First Dates earlier this week. When talking about her dating experiences, Ainsworth says “I’ve been single for four years and I’m obsessed with my dog Daisy who sleeps in my bed – I even have a 50inch picture of her on my wall, I’m obsessed and producers were keen to hear about that” when you see her checklist, the four year single stint makes a lot more sense.

Definitely crazy.

Without further ado, here is Ainsworth’s actual 22-point checklist that any man must pass before dating her.

No snorers

No pensioners

No midgets

No one unemployed

No one with a wife or girlfriend

No minors

Someone with banter

Someone that can socialise

Someone who can drive properly

No relationship rules or restrictions

Someone not controlling


Doesn’t live with their parents

No baggage

Someone who can drink

No smokers

No steroids

No tattoos

Low sex drive

No one miserable

No one with a pyscho ex

No one who’s tight

Wait a second that’s … actually pretty sane and practical. She says her list is “a tad extreme” but she continues, “I work seven days a week and I just don’t have the time to be messing around.” “I’ve really thought about what I do and don’t want and I think it’s good to have a list.” And about the low sex drive? “I want a man with a low sex drive, because practically every man I know cheats on his partner, so I figured if they have a low sex drive, they’ll be less likely to cheat.”

Good for you, Jade for having completely normal and believable standards that are somehow lower, than mine. Though on the plus side, my girlfriend has lived up to my impossibly specific requirement of owning and operating a helicopter so, who’s the real winner here?

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