This Hot Teacher Looks Stoked About Getting Arrested For Having Sex With Student

Most people don’t look happy in their mugshots. In fact, I’d even hazard a guess and say that 99.99999999% of people aren’t happy in their mugshots because by that point in the booking process it’s generally dawned on you that you’re spending the night in jail, at minimum. This isn’t the case for everyone though – exceptions include walking and talking sack of shit Justin Bieber:

And 27-year-old married Lockhart High School biology teacher Sarah Fowlkes:

Bieber looks happy because he knows the world isn’t fair and therefore he’ll be outta dodge in 30 minutes or less. Sarah looks stoked because…she’s reliving how that teenage dick allegedly felt all up in that puss? The photographer is hot? She’s in denial and thinks she’s waiting in line to ride Space Mountain? Your guess is as good as mine, because if this were me I’d be shitting bricks.


I’d also be questioning what life choices led me to sleeping with a 17-year-old student ( Step 1: Have low self-esteem but fake like you don’t – check!), but considering Sarah looks like she just won the lottery, I’ve got a feeling she wasn’t aware that an improper relationship between a teacher and a student in the state of Texas is a second-degree felony that can land you in prison for up to 20 years. 

According to Daily Mail, school administrators contacted police about an alleged relationship between a teacher and a student on March 10th. After a brief investigation, police reported that they had found messages of a “sexual nature” between Sarah and the unnamed student.

“Seventeen years old is obviously older but at the same time it doesn’t make anything right,” Detective Jesse Bell told KXAN. “If the kid is in school, parents trust the school to take care of their kids so it’s definitely not right – that a teacher in a position of power over a student be able to take advantage of a student.”

Lockhart Independent School District has suspended Fowlkes pending an appearance in front of the State Board for Educator Certification; her arrest warrant issued on Monday, Fowlkes turned herself in and managed to post bond the same day. 

The investigation remains ongoing.

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