This Hot Tennis Pro Went As Nude Kim Kardashian For Halloween And It's The Best

Sure, everyone is over Kim Kardashian and her desperation to stay relevant by posting random nude selfies to her various social media pages. We get it. BUT, if any one of her nude selfies serves as inspiration to any number of sexy female athletes for Halloween? Then by God, Kim Kardashian is doing the Lord’s work.

Sexy tennis pro Eugenie Bouchard (let’s call her Genie so I’m not constantly thinking of my uncle) decided to go as Kim Kardashian’s famous nude selfie from March 2016 where she’s seen standing in front of a bathroom mirror looking like she’s just kinda bored staring at her nakedness. The internet wasn’t bored however and neither was Genie Bouchard.

What’s more attractive? The fact that Bouchard is one super hot tennis player or the fact that she clearly has a great sense of humor? I’m just glad that the costume people from Big Momma’s House let her use Martin Lawrence’s bodysuit to complete the look. Sorry, Kim K.

Okay, but really who the heck is Genie Bouchard? She’s a Canadian tennis pro, 22-years-old and is currently ranked the 51st best in the world. Now if only she wore this costume while she played, her ranking might be a little higher.

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