This Instagram Account Of A Cute Girl Is Trying To Teach You A Valuable Lesson!

There is a popular Instagram account by a woman that goes under the username Louise Delage. Louise has over fifty thousand followers and has oddly been picking up steam for her typical travel photos and selfies showing herself hanging out – sometimes letting it ALL hang out.

She certainly looks like she is enjoying life, having a good time. However it has been revealed that “Louise” is really a total fabrication by a French advertising agency working with a special foundation.

Louise is a lie! You mean Louise didn’t really enjoy a fun filled day at the beach, but is a paid actress?! Why would they do this to us? It turns out they have a special message they are trying to covertly convey using Instagram to dupe the hip millennials into getting it. Can you guess what it is?

If you guessed that “damn, anyone can become an Instagram ‘celebrity’ these days” you would be right. However, did you also notice that in EVERY photo Louise is drinking A LOT? She has beer or wine in every. Single. Photo! This gal plows through more booze than David Hasselhoff after a trip to Carl’s Jr.   

Drinking in the tub is only second to drinking on the toilet.

If you notice, poor Louise can’t seem to stop hitting the sauce no matter where she goes. Created for a group called Addict Aide, the aim of the fake Instagram pics is to bring attention to alcoholism. They wanted to make sure Louise was holding an alcoholic drink in every image to demonstrate how “alcohol addiction” can be hidden on social media. A spokesperson for the advertising agency behind the Instagram account said in a statement;

“Sometimes it seems like in this era, the more people stage their ideal life on social media, the more that serves to hide a not-so-ideal reality.”

That might be true but do you think they succeeded in getting their message across? I mean she looks like she is having a pretty good time throwing back a couple while she is out on the town. If they really wanted to hit us over the head with the message they should have had each image get slowly worse. She starts out at the beach, but over the course of the Instagram posts she slowly ends up broke, vomiting and in the gutter. The way they have it now some of these photos just make me want to do some day drinking and post the pics to Instagram.

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