This Is The Most BS Story About A Teacher Getting Arrested For Sex With Student

Nine times out of ten, I am on the side of the student when it comes to student teacher sex scandals. It doesn’t matter if the kid is 18 or if he’s 12, your teacher should not be having sex with you. Loads of people cheer for the kids and say “Gee whiz I wish my teacher would’ve sucked my dick when I was in school,” but think of it this way – the teacher is in a position of power over the kid. What if he doesn’t want to have sex? The fact that the teacher is “in charge” puts the student in a spot where he most likely feels obligated to comply, even if she doesn’t directly state that he HAS to have sex with her.

That being said, this is the one time where I’m calling bullshit.

Taylor Boyles, a 27-year-old Moulton Middle School teacher, was arrested this past Monday after allegedly engaging in a sexual act with an 18-year-old high school student. That’s right – Taylor isn’t even this kid’s teacher. This kid is also 18. Taylor has no power over him since he’s not in her class, and he’s technically a legal adult.

And yet she was arrested anyway.

“Even though she was never his teacher, technically under the law it’s still prohibited,” Sheriff Gene Mitchell told the Moulton Advertiser. “None of the activity took place at school, which puts a different light on it. None of it involved school activities in any way.” Taylor and the student knew each other outside of school, as they were initially family friends before their relationship turned sexual. However, unlike many teacher student sex scandals, their sexual relationship did not occur over an extended period of time as Mitchell reports that it was only “a short fling.”

“I don’t think the school had anything to do with it happening,” Mitchell said. “They were family friends. The student would have been of age (19) in October, and graduates this month. So if the activity had happened in June, it would have been legal.”

Lawrence County Superintendent Jon Smith, however, believes the situation paints the school district in a “bad light” despite the fact that THIS ISN’T EVEN THAT BAD compared to the fucked up stories we usually see. Remember that teacher who got pregnant from her student? Or how about the mom who got caught playing naked Twister with teens? Maybe it just shows how jaded we’ve become to teachers fucking their students, but come on – it’s not like this lady was caught having a threesome with the kid.

“This makes me hurt for a lot of different reasons,” Smith told the Moulton Advertiser. “I hate for something like this to take the spotlight from our good employees. Lawrence County schools employs hundreds of great people, and I hate for one thing to leave a black mark on the system when we have so much good going on.”

What do you think – is this bullshit or is this bullshit? Let us know in the comments!

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