This Kid Found A Sweet Treat In His Bag Of Store Bought Candy. A Dead Bat!

Aaron MacPherson, a four-year-old Scotland resident received a bag of candy from his grandmother that she purchased from a Lidl supermarket and the kid was rewarded with a particularly sweet treat. His grandmother’s love? Heck no! A dead bat.

Where’s Bruce Wayne when you need him?

Aaron’s mother Claire said of the discovery “When he got home and opened the packet he found a little bat stuck on to the sweets. It was absolutely disgusting.” She continued. “I also have a 14-month-old baby and if she had been eating the sweets then she would have put it straight in her mouth. I will not be stepping foot in that store again.”

Claire contacted the store directly, but she hasn’t heard back. In an interview with The Sun, Claire said “(Lidl’s) customer service has been terrible.”

A spokesperson for Lidl said to The Sun, “We were very sorry to hear of this matter. Lidl prides itself in offering customer’s high quality products at low price and we take feedback of this nature very seriously.” They continued, “We can confirm that immediate contact was made with the customer on Friday 2nd June, to request further information and provide assurances that details would be passed straight onto our Quality Assurance Department to investigate.”

There’s no word yet on if Lidl and the MacPhersons came to a settlement, but you can be sure that Claire will be double checking every bag of candy she gives to Aaron from now on.

If you’ve ever found a dead bat in a bag of candy you’ve purchased from Lidl’s supermarket, let us know in the comments because heck, it’s the internet and you never know.

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