This Olympic Athlete Is The Usain Bolt Of Crapping Himself Mid-Competition

The Olympics can be a real blast, but when an athlete straight up blasts shit all over themselves mid-performance, well we just can’t help but applaud that athlete for not quitting like an asshole and running to the bathroom.

Yohann Diniz who is on Team France in the Olympics for 50km Walk Racing (yeah, that’s a sport, walk racing) really felt the magical power of the Olympics mid-walk when the urge to take a dump came over him. What then occurred looked like his asshole pouring a cup of mid-day coffee all over the pavement, using his legs as a napkin. Check out the video for yourself.

On one hand, thank God it wasn’t an American crapping themselves, we don’t need any more stupid controversy after the Ryan Lochte scandal. But, we can’t help but applaud Diniz for sticking with it despite being in one of the more embarrassing moments of his life, just to keep serving his country in the 2016 Olympics.

Looks like he won the brown medal.


Unfortunately for Diniz, he came in second to last and will receive zero medals for his filthy efforts. He will however receive fame on youtube because the images and video have been uploaded over 30 times and continues to grow as the day goes on. Winning an Olympic medal can be nice, but fame for shitting yourself on live television while simply walking…priceless.



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