This Oscars Crime Map Will Prove Hollywood Is Not All Glitz & Glamor!

Since 2002 The Academy Awards have been hosted in the glamorous Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, California. However the Hollywood & Highland area surrounding the theater is not all glitz and glamour most of the year. Where Cate Blanchett picks up her $250K Oscar swag bag is one of the most dangerous areas in Los Angeles.

In fact right where Leonardo DiCaprio gets out of his stretched Uber Prius, instead of a red carpet, a river of red blood adorns the iconic Hollywood Walk of Fame.  From crazy costumed characters (Ala Time Square’s “Racist Elmo”) to the homeless, to hordes of roaming teenage degenerates that resemble The Joker’s Dark Knight Henchmen, it’s basically Gotham City. To illustrate, here are the crime statistics for the past six months- straight out of Compton, CA:

Compare that to the crime stats from the past six months surrounding the Academy Awards theater:

J-Law better hold on to her diamond earrings- yikes! Using the LA Times Crime Map – – below are some of the most terrible crimes during the past three years in the area – not involving someone getting beaten with a golden statue.  

1. Tourist Stabbed In The Neck And Face

On November 18th at the complex housing the Dolby Theater, a tourist was stabbed by a guy in the neck and face after a confrontation in which the attacker looked at the victim’s wife. Luckily some would-be John McClane, an off duty NYC police detective detained the attacker until LAPD could arrive.

2. Woman Randomly Shot In The Head

On July 5th 2015, a woman who worked at Dave and Buster’s restaurant next to the theater was shot in the head with a shotgun and killed in a random act of violence. Walking home with her boyfriend a man approached them from behind before shooting her in the head and fleeing in car without saying a word.

3. Epic Mr. Incredible Vs Batgirl Character Brawl

In October 2014 the Internet was treated to a viral video in which “Mr. Incredible” body slammed “Batgirl.” “Freddy Krueger,” “Waldo” and “Chewbacca” had to break up the fight which stemmed from Batgirl “standing too close to Mr. Incredible.” This all took place on the sidewalk at Hollywood and Highland. Incredible -AKA Huhammet Bilik was charged with battery. 

4. Woman Takes Photo Of Homeless Men, One Puts Her In Headlock, The Other Stabs Her To Death

Two homeless men were holding a sign with a “four letter insult” on it when a woman took a picture of it, thinking it was funny. As she walked away they demanded money. When she refused Dustin James Kinnear stabbed the victim as his accomplice held her in a headlock. He later got 12 years in prison for the crime.

5. Suicide In Front Of Academy Award Theater

Entrance to the Academy Awards theater.

In 2010 a man jumped from the fourth floor of the Hollywood and Highland complex landing in front of the theater where the Academy Awards are held.

6. Man Stabbed In The Back

A man was stabbed in the back in January 2015 in what might be a gang related assault. It happened outside of the Guinness World Records Museum at Hollywood and Highland. 

7. Group Of 30 Teenagers Go On Vandalism Rampage Down Hollywood Walk Of Fame

In July of 2013 a group of at least 30 youths went on a rampage, trashing souvenir shops and robbing random tourists of their cellphones and other valuables. Surveillance video from one of the shops along Hollywood Blvd captured the roaming band of thieves in action:

8. Four Men Beat A Transgender Woman Nearly To Death On Walk Of Fame Sidewalk

A transgendered woman named Vivian was attacked and beaten by four men in the middle of the night, leaving her hospitalized for a week in May of 2013. The assault was captured on surveillance video and one of the suspects was later arrested:

Here are additional crimes not deserving of an Oscar:

9. Man Fatally Stabbed Over Money In Fight, February 2016

10.  Police Patrol Finds Man Shot To Death Outside of Hotel, May 2014

11. A Violent Assault With A Deadly Weapon on Franklin, Ave.  In January 2016

12. A 27-Year-Old Man Was Shot To Death On Hillcrest Road In December 2015

13. Former Playmate Of The Year Shot Her Husband On Hawthorn Ave.

14. A 45-Year-Old Man Died After Being Beaten In The Head On Yucca Street, July 2015


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