This Robot On Tinder Will Find Love Before You Do

Tinder has helped countless people hook up, make new friends, find creative ways to eventually avoid one another, and in general, spend lots of times surfing for some company. Standing out in the swipe-able world can be tough, but for Roberto, being a unique prospect on the app wasn’t too difficult. You see, he is a robot.

robot pic

Posted by some of his “friends” from the military in Washington, he only speaks binary, so unless you’re fluent in 1’s and 0’s, you’ll need to read between the lines. This below translates to roughly “Hey, I’m Roberto and I’m looking for new friends.”


Roberto does enjoy some of the most typical activities one finds on a dating site. Here, we see that he likes drinking beer and looking into mirrors.


Like many fellow Tinder users, he’s into the whole Netflix and chill vibe.


He’s not above throwing a few cold ones back and getting a bit messy.


This could mean that he likes long walks (?) in nature, or perhaps that he likes hunting.


Do the pictures seem a bit tame if not boring? Well, his friends who put his profile up say it’s because “he’s a bit hefty to travel with, much less internationally.”


We can’t say for sure how many right swipes Roberto has received, but it’s safe to say that he may not be the greatest conversationalist. Here’s a screen shot of his first conversation, which in binary says simply “Hello.” Seems to us the dude’s going to have to try a bit harder next time.


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