This Seal Won't Stop Cuddling A Stuffed Version Of Itself And It’s Adorable

This seal, named Aku, lives in Mombetsu Land Zoo located in Hokkaido Prefecture in Japan. The world can be a scary place. With an uncertain global political climate, North Korea testing nuclear weapons and the impending threat of asteroids hitting the planet and destroying all life, someone decided to do us a solid and give this seal a stuffed version of itself.

I know, right!? You could tell me that my family got thrown into a volcano and it would even phase me after seeing this damned adorable picture of a seal cuddling it’s small, stuffed best-friend. Whatever the opposite of torture is, this sickeningly sweet picture of a seal is it.

Looking at this is the equivalent of main lining 400ccs of Prozac while listening to Pharell’s “Happy” from the interior of that cat bus from My Neighbor Totoro.

Just like that

Professional hostage negotiators should bookmark this page and use it as “step 1” in any hostage negotiation scenario. If the hostage taker doesn’t exit the building with their hands up and their eyes full of tears of joy and hope, they are definitely a robot.

It’s okay, little guy

I wonder how many world tragedies could be avoided by just giving zoo animals smaller stuffed versions of themselves. Is there a war in Africa? Just airdrop pictures of an elephant holding a smaller toy elephant and they’ll all drop their arms in joy. Are sections of Europe fearful over the potential collapse of the European Union? Just send everyone a picture of a dog carrying a tiny toy dog in his mouth and everyone will calm down. Is a dam in the southern United States about to burst leaving millions of people homeless or worse? In that situation, you should plug up that damn but AFTER that, send them a picture of a giraffe hugging a smaller stuffed giraffe and all will be forgiven.

Thanks Mombetsu Land Zoo for giving us visual morphine in the form of a seal hugging a toy version of itself. You’re the best.

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