This Story Took A Weird Turn After Two Friends Went Home With Two Hot Milfs

If tracking down a sexy cougar is your thing, maybe this story will change your perspective unless you just love having blue balls. Two friends having a solid time out spotted two sexy older ladies looking to get down. The friends later said that the women had had enough of being out in the loud club, which the boys took as their cue to follow them out the door. And follow them they did after an invite from the ladies.

The four showed up at a house, a house one of the women actually owned. After entering the home, the guys were still not sure who was going to be paired off with who but that’s when the older ladies really pulled one helluva mom move. The woman who actually lived there told the boys they were more than welcome to sleep in her daughter’s bedroom for the night. Completely unprepared for the twist, the guys had no choice but to go along with the suggestion and walked in to her daughter’s extremely pink bedroom. The other two women apparently went to bed and the guys drunkenly fell asleep in some strange child’s room for the night.

After waking up, now sober, they apparently couldn’t recollect what had happened. That has to be a little scary considering the bedroom looked like it was something out of Mommie Dearest.

Of course nowadays having a good story isn’t enough, you need the proof to go along with it. So the two guys snapchatted a couple of photos to prove they indeed wound up crashing in some strange child’s bedroom. Probably a good idea considering this is clearly the beginning of a horror movie. Who the hell invites people from a bar over just so they could sleep in your young daughter’s bed?? WHO DOES THAT??

The friends apparently left before the women woke up, or worse, before the father woke up in the case that dude was around! So let this be a lesson to all of you Milf Hunters out there. Maybe stick to your age bracket because you never know when that milf will become a little too motherly.

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