This Woman Is Getting Paid $1000 A Month To Do The Dumbest Job Ever

Ivy Lim has taken something extremely popular and made a decent little part time job out of it. You’ve heard of Pokemon Go, yes? Well Lim here is now being paid a $1,000 a month to teach and train people to play Pokemon Go. And because she was SO GOOD at playing the game, this job has given her the ultimate title of Pokemon Go Master…which sounds more like a Pokemon Go themed dominatrix.

Who IS the Masterrrrr?

Does the job sound pretty stupid? Yes. Would we like to teach people a video game for a $1,000 a month? ABSOLUTELY.

The 22-year-old Pokemon Go wizard saw the job offered through the site and out of the many candidates who applied, Lim was the one who snagged the job. Note to self: If you ever see a job offer online that seems too stupid to be true, it actually might be true and you should totally apply.

Lim says she has caught over 121 Pokemon characters and is at Trainer Level 23. Yeah that doesn’t make any sense to us either but if we were really into Pokemon Go, that would be real impressive! I’m curious though how one checks your Pokemon Go resume when applying? Do you give them your login info and they check your stats? Can you just say you caught 121 Pokemon included the dreaded Alf Pokemon, just to have a little fun with the lie. How much of this stuff can you really make up is the question.

Either way, a steady monthly $1,000 just to play on your phone? Sounds like a pretty sweet, albeit stupid gig! More power to her though. Unfortunately for the rest of us hard-working folk, the job was only offered in Singapore but that doesn’t mean you can’t grab your passport and get down there before all of the easy jobs are scooped up!

Also, it must be noted that hot chicks love Pokemon Go. So that’s a nice added bonus to the gig.

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