This Woman Was Arrested For Smuggling Coke In Her Boob Implants

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The woman was arrested at the Frankfurt airport in Germany when it was discovered she had 2.2 pounds of cocaine inside her boobs.

Yes, inside.


The arrestee is 24-years-old and – surprise! – from Colombia. Far be it for me to stereotype or anything, but there are stereotypes for a reason.

During an extensive search of the woman, officials found fresh scars under her boobs (that’s some search!) and she was complaining about being in pain.

That quickly led to the white lady (see what I did there?) admitting to having cocaine inside her boobs, which had been inserted there during a super fast operation. German doctors removed the coke, which happened to be wrapped in plastic.

Ah, the drug implants for a new generation…

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The woman was ‘muling’ the coke to Spain and it was valued at $293,850, which made each boob worth $146,925.

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Airport spokesperson, Hans-Juergen Schmidt, said officials were shocked at how crappy the surgery was and that “this is the first case in Germany in which drugs have been smuggled in this fashion.”

Officials also said they were happy it was not in the butt this time, which is the most popular way to smuggle drugs.

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They may have not said it, but they certainly thought it.

Sadly, the woman stated that she has three kids back in Colombia. While she was certainly doing it for the money, she will now be charged with possession and drug trafficking. When you add in the international line crossing, those charges carry some serious weight.

Don’t do it, Ladies. Not worth it. The cocaine smuggling thing, that is. Legit breast implants are a whole other topic.


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