This Woman's Horror Story Is Why You Should Never Get Your Nipples Pierced

Women (hell, even dudes) getting their nipples pierced isn’t anything new. It has its advantages and some people think they’re just damn sexy to see on someone. But this woman’s story about how she got an infection after getting the piercing is a decent reason why you might be better off just…not.

Meet Nikki Belza, a cocktail waitress who decided to get one nipple pierced. One day at work, the piercing was caught on her uniform and was ripped right the hell out. Only that was just the beginning of the cursed nipple piercing.

Nikki woke up in agony just a few days later, not realizing that she now had an infection and thought her breast was just tender due to the ripped piercing. Nikki would still go in to work despite the pain but eventually collapsed because it just became so unbearable. To make this even worse, Nikki had breast implants making her infection that much more complicated.

Doctors had told her that it wasn’t just a simple infection that caused Nikki pain in her left breast. She actually contracted Streptococcal from her husband’s sore throat, which then triggered Sepsis, a bacterial infection thanks to the piercing. But now Nikki’s life was in danger and doctor’s had no choice but to remove Nikki’s left breast implant–something she had paid around $22,000 to get. Either that or Nikki would die.

Lucky for Nikki, she was able to get the infection removed completely, which isn’t the case for a lot of people that get the Sepsis illness. No word if she plans on keeping the right breast implant as a memento of what happened.

So what exactly is Sepsis? First of all, anyone can get it and most people assume it’s just the flu when the symptoms occur. “Sepsis occurs when chemicals released in the bloodstream to fight an infection trigger inflammation throughout the body. This can cause a cascade of changes that damage multiple organ systems, leading them to fail, sometimes even resulting in death.” Just make sure you have a good enough doctor that can identify Sepsis before the symptoms get worse!

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