Thought You'd Enjoy This Video Of Emily Ratajkowski Dancing Topless On The Beach

Earlier this week, we felt the need to report to you that famed (and often nude model) Emily Ratajakowski posted a few sultry photos on her Instagram. We just like to bring important news to the people, THAT’S JUST WHAT WE DO. Today however is a different story. Emily was hanging out at the beach recently and felt the need to dance around with her money makers out and, well, why would that not be worth looking at.

Sometimes we just like to peruse Emily’s Instagram and call it work. But today it actually paid off! Either way, it’s obviously an account worth following.

If you’re bummed that she’s not dancing with her bosoms facing camera, don’t be alarmed. There’s plenty of images of her fully nude in Google images. Not to mention that Hall of Fame Blurred Lines video that we all came to know Emily Ratajkowski from in the first place!

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But that’s all photoshopped and edited to perfection garbage. We enjoy seeing Emily in her more natural habitat; enjoying her money topless and on the beach! Yes!

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