Tiger Woods' DUI Dash Cam Arrest Video

Tiger Woods

DUI Arrest Video

5/31/2017 3:40 PM PDT

Cops have just released the police video of the Tiger Woods DUI arrest — showing the golfer zonked out during the stop and bombing field sobriety tests. 

The footage was shot early Monday morning from a Jupiter PD dash cam. Cops say Woods was passed out behind the wheel when they approached the car.

He’s almost like a zombie in the footage — swaying, incoherent … and unable to even tie his own shoes. 

At one point during the stop, an officer tells Tiger he smells the “odor” of alcohol on him — though Woods insists he did not drink. A breathalyzer later showed Tiger’s BAC was .000.

The incident took place roughly 8 miles from Tiger’s home in Jupiter, FL. An obviously disoriented Woods told cops he believed he was in L.A. … driving toward Orange County.

Woods insists alcohol was not a factor and blames it on an “unexpected reaction to prescription medications.”

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